Lifejackets on board

There are more lifejackets on board than the maximum number of passengers allowed.

So you will never need to worry about there not being enough lifejackets.The lifejackets meet all the standards specified by maritime authorities.


They are stored in the immediate vicinity of the muster stations. There are also lifejackets for children. The crew will distribute the lifejackets at the muster station.

Evacuation procedures

Should the need to evacuate personnel on board a vessel, there are thoroughly drilled procedures in place. The decks on vessels are divided into sections with specially equipped evacuation teams, whose job is to help personnel reach the muster stations.


Evacuation directions are posted inside the door of cabins and offices. The way to your muster station - i.e, the corridors, lobby are furnished with illuminated green signs.


At floor levels, the corridors are marked with fluorescent mouldings and luminescent light fixtures. Members practise these evacuation procedures regularly.

Acting with constant care is embedded in the safety culture of DOESL.

Like our customers, we demand rigorous health, safety and environmental procedures and excellent performance, and our values guide us to provide our people with a safe and healthy work environment.


Maritime safety and security are governed by our Safety Policy and are a top priority in the operations of DOESL.  Under the International Safety Management (ISM) Code and the International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS), we work systematically to identify potential risk situations and thereby prevent accidents. Our objective is continuous improvement in safety and security.

Health, Safety

& The Environment

Health and Safety
The Environment

Safety, Quality, Health and Environmental Protection is an integral part of DOESL's business and operating philosophy. 


The Company is committed to quality, safety, health and environmental protection and ensures that adequate financial and human resources and support are made available for these activities, including maintenance of Ship management systems, and our drive towards safety and environmental excellence, which we define as ‘no harm to any person or ship, and no damage to the environment or property’.


We have systems in place used to eliminate or control identified hazards through preventive measures, including systems to prevent incidents escalating to critical levels.  


The company strives to ensure Safety and Health of Human Life, Safety of Ships, Safety of Cargo and protection of Marine Environment by optimising its operations for the Environmental Policy.


All in all, we are fully committed to;


  • Reducing Shipping Waste

  • Eliminating waste caused from Cargo

  • Reducing discharge of sludge and waste Oils

  • Reducing Hazardous atmospheric discharge

  • Using Eco-Friendly materials

  • Eliminating Marine spill accidents

  • Reducing Water Pollutant Emissions

  • Reducing Air Pollutant Emissions